Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The editor-in-chief of Metro Society magazine, Raul Manzano, invited me to write five features on five prominent business leaders who are also top philanthropists of the Philippines, for their latest January 2013 issue. These are (not in any order)---Henry Sy, John Gokongwei, Jr., George S. K. Ty, Lucio C. Tan and Andrew Tan. The cover story of this special issue is Ambassador Manuel "Manolo" Lopez and Carlos Ott.

I am herewith sharing a news story sent to me by ABS-CBN Publishing Corporation on this magazine:


"2013 marks Metro Society’s decade in the industry. With that, we open with a bang with one of our most celebrated issues, the business issue. January is the beginning and marks many things… New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts and brighter tomorrows. Metro Society has a few ideas of its own to welcome 2013."

"We are especially looking forward to celebrating our 10th year anniversary on October and as a thank you to all our readers, we plan to make every issue leading up to that outdo all issues that have come before. We promise more pages, more people, more in depth pieces and of course, more parties and access to the metro’s hippest events."

"We open our January magazine with an exciting new project by Rockwell land, The Proscenium. This development which, in its early stages already promises to set a new standard of modern and efficient living, has been making waves in the real estate development, architectural and interior design scene."

"The collaboration between international design and architectural genius Manny Ott and the Lopez development group has raised curiosity and excitement for individuals in and out of the industry alike. Whether you are a developer, a buyer or merely a bystander, it is definitely one building to watch out for. This project is set to elevate the market and change the standard in apartment living."

"For the business issue, we shifted gears a bit. We usually do stories on upper-crust society and focus on their lifestyles, but now, we took the entrepreneurial world by storm by choosing 10 families who are not only known for being in the highest of castes in Manila Society but are truly considered to be the business elite."

"The pieces about these families are in-depth and brutally honest. We tell it how it is and show you sides to these powerhouses that have not been brought up before. From the empires they have built to the personal lives they lead, each and every individual included plays a part in these family fortunes."

"One thread that waves its way into each story is the economic uplifting of the Philippines though these big businesses as well as the charitable endeavours which make them every bit as worthy to hold on to such affluence. These legacies have become a part of our history and it is a privilege to feature these stories in the pages of Metro Society."

"Asides from the accepted entrepreneurial minds, we also took the opportunity to introduce 10 fresh business owners who may not have the same experience but definitely have one immense advantage over the old-timers… their youth. These young go getters have all that it takes to run a company; intelligence, business savvy, and drive. Hand-picked by Metro Society, we have no doubt that these young industrialists will make it far and follow in the footsteps of those who came before them to continue paving the way for Philippine economic growth."

"This January, we invite you to indulge as we start the New Year with an abundance of interesting individuals and material possessions. Be sure to compare the lifestyles and wardrobes of beauty fiends Trish Xavier and Tsin Pajaro - Inocian.  The 2 beautiful women have made it their personal and professional business to beautify all of Manila, one person at a time. Relax at The Spa in Powerplant mall in our spa bonding section or check out fun paper, writing and gift wrapping finds in our shopping section where we feature the one-stop gift shop, Scribe."

"For those of you who want to start a year in fashion, turn to our Objects of Desire section and feast on the ornate gold clutches of Beatriz accessories, Cocorose London’s intricately designed foldable flats, and the new handbag selections of Hermes and Gucci. Our fashion pages feature the full fall/winter 2012/2013 collection of Louis Vuitton for both, men and women, a perfect opportunity to find extravagant buys for those of you who want to spoil yourself or a loved one. Speaking of loved ones, check out the men in this issue. Both athletes and both in great shape, bachelor Darren Hartman is now with Kaya FC football club and nobleman Paolo Cabalfin shows us a thing or two about building muscle in his newly opened training center, Focus Athletics."

"Your invitation to the most happening events has arrived in our socials pages. From fun foodie events such as Spirals second coming, and the opening of TWG, to the hippest parties like Jewelmer’s Joaillerie’s spring/summer 2013 collection launch, PMAP’s 25th year anniversary, Johnny Walker’s trip on the voyager, Hublot’s 30th anniversary, and Hermes’ silk party. We end on a high note with Tessa Prieto Valdes’ big birthday bash wherein she shows us all how to throw one hell of a celebration!"

"When you grab the latest issue of Metro Society, January 2013, do not forget to read about the life and business of Jesus Amado Araneta of the Araneta Center. This heartwarming tale of business, love, and family will be sure to leave you amazed at such a man and truly proud to call yourself Filipino. Grab a copy now!"

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