Monday, July 29, 2013

Success Secret: The hardest victory is the victory over self.

"The hardest victory is the victory over self." --- Greek philosopher Aristotle

Image below of Aristotle, sourced from

This is one of the true secrets to success that most of us human beings either do not know, refuse to acknowledge or just simple cannot do.

Conquest of our own selves in terms of self-discipline, self-study, self-evaluation of strengths as well as weaknesses, nonstop self-training, all these are essential for achieving true and enduring success.

Outstanding entrepreneurs, great writers, exceptional artists, champion athletes and other peoples from all walks of life have attained the hardest of all victories which is the victory over self!

Here are photos of two super entrepreneurs who I admire for their business genius and discipline:

Image below of  world's wealthiest investor, the simple-living Warren Buffett, sourced from

Asia's wealthiest billionaire as of 2013 is the disciplined, hardworking and simple-living "rags-to-riches" entrepreneur Li Ka Shing of Hong Kong, image below sourced from

Imags below of athletes, sourced from

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